Friday, January 14, 2011

It s been two long days

Well just got back from work it has been two long days and long hours at work,I am really tired but thank God my next three off days will help me to recuperate.Seen that I work in a pizzeria it s really hard for me to keep it together, I am talking abut that looking at all that good food around me drive me crazy, because I know it s not the healthier food for me.So sometimes I fall in temptation and snack a little, but then I do a reality check and tell myself, that this same delicious food will be around forever so I can wait till I loose all the extra weight, and then I will be able to eat it and enjoy it without feeling guilty.Well I know it will be hard but I got to do it.My plans for this new year is to find me another job which surely will not be a pizza joint or anywhere where they sell food lol.Tomorrow is another day and from Monday will start an intense diet and exercise again, cause I promised my husband that by his birthday, which is april 6th I will loose sixty more pounds which will bring me down to 220 pounds, and people I am so excited to see myself at that weight...........So lets do it you guys jin me in this challenge and lets see what we can achieve.Now I am going t watch some tv then get my beauty sleep and tomorrow will be a new day full of new goals ans hopes.Night night everybody..........

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