Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finally I am back..............

Well I am back after 21 days of absence, been busy with Christmas and New Year and trying to start a 2011 in the best way possible, improving myself.I hope that everybody festivities have been great like mine surrounded by family and friends. So now it s time to reveal to everybody how I am successfully loosing weight and feel motivated day by day.Well  I tried a bigillion ways f loosing weight in 20 years that I have been overweight, some worked for a little bit of time and some didn' t till I got tired and gain all the weight back.But this one believe me is the longest I have been on a regiment which let me loose weight in the healthiest way possible without  depriving myself or feeling like "I am on a diet and so I feel so depressed cause I cannot eat and I have to starve myself", no this method is completely different and fun.I lost 10 more pound since the last time I wrote on this blog, which make me really really happy and proud f myself, and guess what, I even got a plaque for Christmas from my husband, a nice one, which says Alessia Johnson and then my motto YOU CAN DO IT.........And getting this present from my husband f almost 8 years, is a big satisfaction because he never believed I could make it so far, well I can tell that s my  fault because I let him down plenty of time, even if I think more like I let down myself first failing during the process and that affected him too.So yeah to me now I have this plaque which everytime I look at push me to do better.So I was saying, I work in a pizzeria here in Orlando and one day a couple came in to have a slice of pizza, and they were wearing a pin saying "you want to lose weight, ask me how", so f course I asked, and they told me it s easy, come on monday to see me and they gave me the address.I didn t go that monday cause I was skeptical or because I wasn t ready.It took them a whole good 2 months to convince me to finally go and check this thing out.Finally on july 26th I woke up early and went to this place, which is conveniently located in front f my house, and sit down and talk about this program.Well it looks like  HERBALIFE a company which was created in 1980 now in 2010 got smarter and decide to create this little nutrition bar where you can go mingle with other people and have and healthy breakfast and lunch or dinner. So my first 2 meals were free to try out the program, they took my weight, 330 pounds,measure me and explain exactly step by step how the products worked. Well and if I would have decided to continue to go and give herbalife a shot I would have to invest daily 8.00 dollars a day for the meals.The rest is history, after 6 months I lost 60 pounds and I feel healthier than ever.S now that you know how I started, I hope some of you will follow this journey till I will achieve my final goal which is to loose a total of 100 more pounds.I have had ups and downs during this process too but I have been keeping strong for myself, because at the end of the day I am the only one who can make it happen , anything or anyone from the outside world can do anything or say anything which will make me go back o the 330 pounds I weighted 6 months ago.So anytime I fall down which will always happen from time to time, I will pick myself up and keep going towards the goal I have settled for myself which will make a successfull woman.So stay tune and lets get on this journey together........Anyone who want to contact me cand do it at and I can help you giving you tips how to find any of the herbalife center in your city and state and we  can develop a good friendship.

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