Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good morning

It s Saturday,yeah, and I am off today, actually the next three days.So what am I doing awake so early, it s 5:48 a.m, well my hubby went to work early and once I wake up it s hard for me to go back t sleep, plus we are moving on Monday 24 th so I still have a lot of packing to do.I am so excited because we are moving in a country club where they have a golf curse, it looks like a quiet and relaxing place, plus I am planning on getting a bike so I can intensify my exercise routine.Last night while I was watching TV I was keep having a voice, which I call the evil voice, that was telling me, "get up and fix yourself an ham sandwich", well I ignonered the evil voice turn off the tv and went to sleep.Since I have been on this herbalife regiment I noticed that 2 main things are important to do in order to succeed to a healthy weight loss, it is STOP DRINKING SODA and STOP EATING AFTER 7:00 p.m.It works, even when I g out Ialways drink water, and during the weekent if I decide to go out with my hubby to the club I will drink a vodka and cranberry instead that a long island r a rum and coke.It works for me so why wouldn' t it work for you too? Today is a sad day for my family in Italy, my middle sister she is leaving catania my hometown with my nephew to go and live in Rome, so this would be their second daughter leaving and what make it harder is to be far away from my beautiful 5 year old nephew Edoardo.But at least they would have to fly one hour to visit her against 13 hours of flight to come and visit me.I miss my family so much it has been already 10 years when I first moved in USA so I should be use to but in reality you will never get used to what you have been knowing your whole life.So let me  try to call them I will write you guys later, deuces......

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