Thursday, March 10, 2011


Never feel like you are not in charge of your emotions. Since a week that s how I felt my old insecurities came back and that is something that scare me a lot.Like somebody told me not even 2 hours ago it s true I need to get a life and stop being so concentrate and worry about somebody's s hard especially when you are in a marriage you think you are entitle to what the other person does or doesn't. Sometimes is better when you live your life as it is without expectations.Well if you bring a woman who does live her life without expectations I will  shake her hand.I know that today i feel down but tomorrow it will better.I don t have to lose my focus I have so many positive plans and achievements I am planning to reach and I CANNOT LET ANYTHING AND AND NOBODY TO DISTRACT ME FROM THEM. Who to blame? Only me even though I am tired to hear people saying that I know but come on..........Whoever believed  I couldn t do it they were wrone because I did it and I will still doing it BIG.............I am tired of settling for less and it s time to think big and positive, everytime no from monday to tuesday than have a break and start again, everyday damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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